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Standard Advisory

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Workplace Safety risk assessment and health & safety consultancy advise by Samson Safety

Chances are, even if you are relatively sure you are up-to-date, there are likely to be areas of workplace safety or Health & Safety compliance that you are unaware of, so it’s always best to talk to a professional.

Recognising your risks is the first hurdle. We know what to look for, both in workplace safety risks and gaps in your current policies and procedures.

Our Standard Advisory Service involves a comprehensive assessment of your workplace safety and extensive documentation with the option of ongoing support. We consider it the bare minimum that any business or organisation should be undertaking.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial scoping meeting to establish businesses needs.
  2. Complete workplace/site inspection and risk assessments – provide verbal report of findings and corrective actions.
        a) Develop customised health & safety management policy and procedures
        b) or review existing HSMS and update accordingly
  3. Review draft documents with client and amend as required.
  4. Supply hardcopy in presentation folder and editable electronic file copies to client.
  5. Consult with client and ensure they have clear understanding on how to use system.
  6. Offer access to SaferMe health & safety reporting tool available at $10/member per month, depending on complexity a set-up fee may apply.
  7. Ongoing support available as required.

For an even more comprehensive approach, you should consider our Premium Advisory Service.

Free Health & Safety Review

Review includes an overview of your current systems and suggestions for improvement.

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“Health & Safety documentation can be a nightmare at the best of times, Henry from Samson Safety Solutions audited my business to find out what areas I needed to update. He explained, in plain English, the requirements to help me become compliant in this area. I would definitely recommend his services.”

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